A Giant’s Campfire print of Red Rock Canyon

$1,200.00 $900.00


“A Giant’s Campfire” at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area near Las Vegas is available on an aluminum print right now. These will be printed in an aluminum sublimation process at 30 inches wide X 20 inches high. These prints will be limited to only 20 prints at this price of $900.00.
This shot was taken just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada January of 2017 right after a couple rain showers came through the valley. My father was visiting and when he does, he sits around the house, so I suggested that he gets outside for the day and see Red Rock again. He agreed and we headed over to Red Rock Canyon via Blue Diamond (the southern route) and first hit Bonnie Springs when the sun really started to light up the clouds. At that point I knew that there would be a pretty decent sunset and headed further away from the Rainbow Mountains and drove north along Rt 159 a couple miles to just past First Creek and started taking shots.
Little did I know that I was going to get the colors in the sky quite like I did – a little bit of a campfire, then the Rainbow Mountains below the fiery clouds looking like huge stones, this gave the illusion that I was looking up at a Giant’s Campfire. The title was right there on the spot and I knew I had a great print. The aluminum print will reflect the light embedded in the metal and pop right off your wall. This is a great large format print for any room in the house with a little bit of wall space that this photo will nicely take up. Please inquire if you are interested in this print in another size or media.
This is an eight shot panoramic stitch that is highly detailed and can be printed in larger dimensions too.