Hell Frozen Over – Broken Arch, Arches National Park

Hell Frozen Over – Broken Arch, Arches National Park - Print

In January of 2016, a winter storm warning was issued for Utah and Colorado. The town of Moab, Utah, where Arches National Park is located told everyone to leave the area immediately if you wanted to make it home before the storm. AJ stayed in Moab, not just because there wasn’t many people there to begin with, but that the storm would chase everyone out and it would provide a unique opportunity to see the Park with a lot of snow. Even through the storm, the Park and the surrounding areas provided amazing views! The end result was a great shot of Broken Arch located in the Devil’s Garden area of Arches.

Broken Arch with snow in Arches National Park

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Not only was Broken Arch coated in snow, but all of Arches National Park had a new look to it, so as much as AJ could take photos of this landscape in a different perspective. One of AJ’s friends that he hikes with, Gregg (there’s a whole story to why he has 2 G’s in his name – we’ll go into later) quite often and you have seen him in a few photos, doing the Captain Morgan stance – AJ met him here in Arches during the snow storm. Here’s Gregg at Park Avenue taking a photo, while he’s being shot in a photo.

Park Avenue in Arches National Park

During the snow storm, it was pretty much a total white out and when it is snowing, AJ shoots in black and white. “There’s no color, so why try to get blood from a stone, if it doesn’t bleed?” – AJ Pagano.

In this photo below – of double Arch – Gregg is actually hiding behind a boulder in the shot. He was taking his time in the arche there and AJ’s patience… well it is non-existent. 

Double Arch in Arches National Park