Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

AJ Pagano Commercial Photography and video services produces rich content for the branded transmedia world of marketing. With over 20 years in the Las Vegas area our highly experienced and motivated team supports and maximizes your marketing needs with unique, high quality image and 4K video production services, content development and marketing consultation.

With mobile on-site creative development services we focus on your product in its natural state. For environment-controlled content production and image acquisition we offer access to multiple studio locations with a variety of unique features to better capture and define your product.

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Our nonlinear video editing services leverage our high quality content acquisition to output the full range of transmedia formats.

We offer a highly customized GoPro camera array with multiple configurations for action angles on, in and around the subject matter. Utilizing a mobile constant power supply and controlled synchronous recording capabilities allows for unique creative cutting-edge perspectives on fast paced, high impact action shoots.

Multiple use shots and video is captured on each shoot to leverage the IP value by supporting multiple transmedia genres and demographics, so you don’t require additional shoots.

Services offered:

  1. Product Image Acquisition
    1. Full frame digital product still photography with multiple lighting sources
    2. Aerial photography in areas outside the greater Las Vegas (outside McCarren, North Las Vegas, and Henderson airspace) area via bush plane
    3. Aerial photography both in areas and outside Las Vegas area via helicopter
    4. Auto action (multiple car) photography
    5. Boom & Jib Cranes
  2. Real Estate Photography
    1. Drone photography to get a low cost bird’s eye view of real estate, business, and location perspective.
    2. Video and still capture via helicopter. Greater control and equipment options
    3. Wide-angle interior photography
    4. Architectural photography
  3. Video Acquisition
    1. HD & 4K video capture rigs
    2. GoPro multi-camera array rig
    3. Manual & Electronic Focus Pull Rigs
    4. Handheld Cage Rigs / Motion Slide and Crane Jib / French Doors
  4. Sound
    1. 48K multi-channel recording rig with boom mic & lavaliers
  5. Post Production
    1. Seamless professional nonlinear video editing – HDTV commercial grade
    2. Voice-over / ADR / Foley / Sound Design / Music Supervision

Dental Spa Safe Practice Commercial

Four Seasons Covid Prevention Commercial  Scope

This commercial is used by Four Seasons Dental to exhibit the care and experienced use of PPE equipment on a daily basis prior to Covid, to give their customers and potential customers assurances that they are well versed in non-contaminating dental care. The video was shot prior to Covid and involved mercury extraction demonstrations, we were repurpose and reedit the footage in a commercial format and length to exemplify the process and daily practice at Four Seasons. 

This cost effective methodology is also common practice with AJ Pagano Photography by utilizing a pragmatic approach.