Iced Out Giants

Iced Out Giants

After attempting for years to get a “polar” opposite of the print “A Giants’ Campfire”, AJ was able to have the perfect amount of snow, the right clouds, and rich blue skies for the conditions to be met for the shot he was looking for … the “Ice Giant”. A smoldering campfire from the Giants that were occupying the night before and put out with their ice cold beverages, leaving you with an iced-out smoldering cooler shot. The original “Giants’ Campfire” was captured on January of 2017 and took 6 years to capture this shot in March of 2023 at the same spot.

Iced Out Giants Red Rock Las Vegas art

Print Pricing:

73” W x 48” H (on acrylic only at this size) – $6,300.00
*Three Panel 90” W x 58” H – $7,500.00
58” W x 38” H (aluminum) – $2,900.00
41” W x 27” H (aluminum) – $1,800.00
30” W x 20” H (aluminum) – $1,000.00
22” W x 15” H (aluminum) – $360.00
12” W x 8” H (aluminum) – $100.00

Below are some of the other photos taken of Red Rock’s Mt Wilson and the Rainbow mountains that AJ took along the way to get to this version of “Iced Out Giants”.

Red Rock Giants Cold fire Mt Wilson

This photo was shot on Thanksgiving of 2019 and it was missing the blue skies and that powder coating on the desert flora.

Red Rock Snow Morning Rainbow Mountains

This photo had the blue skies, but there wasn’t the cloud cover in order to make an opposing shot of “Giants’ Campfire”. This was shot in December of 2019.

This shot was taken the day prior to the photo above this, just after Christmas 2019.