Dental Implant Demonstration Video

Four Seasons Dental and Spa of Las Vegas needed a video demonstration of Dental Implant work that Dr Jim Wright was about to perform. This is an intro video for that very procedure. This video will be used in a PowerPoint Presentation for a seminar at the Ahern Hotel that Dr Wright will be a keynote speaker at, as well as marketing material for the company’s YouTube page, Facebook and website. This brief demo video was shot using a Canon Mark 3D, GoPro and DJI drone.

The video required 3 different cameras for different perspectives and angles. We only used two of those angles in this short intro. There will be further videos released in the future showing more of the process and the end results of the implant graft being created and placed in the socket. If you are looking for similar video content for your business in the Las Vegas Valley Area, please contact AJ Pagano Photography to get your business, products and services viewed.