Las Vegas and Southwest US Photo Tours

More and more people have inquired and requested photo tours of all the great places that I have been to, so I am now offering tours to anyone interested in checking out the natural landscapes around the Las Vegas area, as well as the US Southwest.

After years of travel, exploring and photographing so many open spaces that have dramatic views, AJ Pagano Photography Photo tours is here. There are so many visitors to Las Vegas that I have come across and have expressed how much fun and fulfillment they found when they ventured off the strip to just Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Now these visitors make their Vegas trip about getting out and seeing all the parks around Las Vegas, and then want to see more of these areas that the “locals” know of. Then I whip out the phone, show some photos and we are soon off on an excursion to further their experience. Whether it be the Grand Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, Bryce, Valley of Fire, there is a park and a view for everyone no matter what level of an outdoors person you are or how much time you have at your disposal and we can plan the perfect trip, so you can see the best of the parks at the best time of year, best weather and where the crowds will have less of an impact on your experience. The majority of the paved places can be seen in Death Valley in one day – granted we won’t be doing any off roading in that one day, to see the more remote parts of the park, all the major areas can be visited. If it is just a quick trip you have time for, Red Rock Canyon is 30 minutes away from the furthest eastern parts of Las Vegas. We can plan around your stay and find the best time to go, whether it is the winter, spring, fall and even summer we can make the experience the most enjoyable as possible.

Go ahead and fill out the contact form and let me know when you will be in town and what parks you are interested in. Hope to see you soon!