Geminid Meteor Shower at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

I haven’t posted any new news in a while, so why not complain about a meteor shower that I grabbed just one shot from and pitch some last minute Christmas gifts. Even though I was going up against a full moon and clouds. It did make for some nice night landscape shots though with the clouds.
Thanks for Destiny Gutke for the heads up to go out and shoot and Avery Lee for coming out too! We stayed close to home and shot over to Red Rock; because it was a full moon and it really didn’t matter how far you got away from any city lights, you were still going to be limited in your quantity of visible shooting stars. The majority of the Geminids didn’t fall after 2 AM as they were predicted, but earlier in the night and they were pretty prominent in the ones that did come down. The frequency of them were nothing like Perseids, so I didn’t capture 10-20 or so shots that I would normally grab in a night, but just one photo of a Geminid. But it was a good one with some of the Rainbow Mountains of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in the bottom part of the shot, lights from the town Bonnie Springs, and a few stars scattered behind the clouds.
While you are reading this, if you still need last minute Christmas gifts, please CONTACT me and let me know if you would like any of the photos posted on this site. All of the photos can be printed in a large format on the highest quality aluminum for more than a lifetime of durability with literally no maintenance.