The gallery is closed

Unfortunately my residency at Nevada Light Gallery has prematurely come to an end. Sad to say that the Las Vegas Arts District or 18b – as they erred in naming it trying to be chic, rather than an intelligent and simple brand – is more interested in their properties accruing value while they have anyone renting or just increasing the value of the area and district itself.  The fact is, there are more homeless people there sleeping, pissing and screwing each other in 2 days than there were people that came down to the gallery or Arts District. There are plans to improve Downtown Las Vegas, but gaming will always trump cultural enrichment in Las Vegas and their goals are 30 year ones that I recently learned of in a Downtown Alliance meeting.

This is not to say I have given up on either the Arts District or my gallery. I will continue to go to the Downtown Alliance meetings and rather than bitch, I will put that effort into a positive one and see what help I can lend to making it something other than a sidewalk pisspool for bums.  There are a lot of talented artists in Las Vegas and at the Arts District

As with having a gallery spot; I will have one again. It most likely won’t be until after the new year, being that I am slammed with some backpacking and hunting trips between now and then. If you would like to see any prints, please contact me and I can set up a time when I can bring them by your office or residence… Or we can meet at some offices that already have some pieces up.

It was a great run and I thank all of you who have come by and showed your support. For those of you who missed it, we’ll – you missed it.