Elk in the Spring Mountains outside of Las Vegas

Hiking around Cold Creek, trying to catch some wildlife close to home, I got to finally see some Spring Mountain Elk from the mountain range just west of Las Vegas, Nevada. I spent a few hours hiking into the foothills below Bonanza Peak – where there was plenty of elk crap and thick brush for them to take cover in – and it wasn’t until I was on the road heading home, did I get to see them bedded down off to the side of the road.
Cold Creek is a great spot to see Nevada’s wild horses. Plenty of people drive up to this community daily to see the horses, take pictures of the horses, and get a change of scenery. So it was a nice surprise to see them and take a couple hundred photos of them with the stealthy a7s. After a while they really were not doing much and I didn’t want to run in between them and disrupt them, so I headed home. Besides, after seeing Rocky Mountain Elk, in rut, and with great racks, this was pail in comparison. So it wasn’t too hard to get out of there.
I am not going to post any photos besides this one on the post. They had lost their antlers and they definitely looked like they could have used a sandwich. Regardless, they are high quality, full frame shots. Great for desert hunting clip art shots. If you are interested, please let me know by going to the contact page and filling out the form.