Lightning Storm on the Las Vegas Strip hitting the Luxor Resort

Las Vegas Luxor lightening

We had some summer lightning in Las Vegas this July and on the 13th I was able to get a great lightning strike hitting the top of the Luxor Hotel, Casino, Resort on the Strip. There were a few other strikes that night and I saw a few other photos others had taken, but I think I was the luckiest with the shot I got. Watching for the weather earlier in the day as well as listen to the weather warnings that were going across the TV screen all day, I went out that night after seeing the storm systems moving in from weather maps. Out of 140 pics taken, this photo was obviously better than the other 4 or 5 that I took that.
Every summer, monsoons move into the southwest of the United States and Las Vegas usually gets it’s share of pouring rain and flash flooding. Along with the rain comes the thunder and lightning storms and if you get them over the Strip, as well as a camera that you can control your shutter speed, you can get some great pics of lightning hitting a casino or hotel roof. To get the light at the top of the Luxor getting hit by lightning wasn’t expected, but it was a pretty cool shot and surprise. This print is available up to a 30″ wide by 24″ high. Please contact me if you are interested in just the print or having it matted and framed as well. Right now, it sits well in a dark brown frame with a dark blue mat.