Moonlit Mesas of Monument Valley

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For my first visit to Monument Valley – Moonlit Mesas of Monument Valley – it didn’t prove too shabby for someone who got there at 8pm and couldn’t see a thing in the pre-moon landscape. This was the first moonlit shot of the trip to Canyonlands and really the only night I knew I was getting something with the winter storm Kayla inbound. It was a little bit below freezing and I was running around the valley trying to get the best shot I could, without knowing anything about the area. I knew there was snow on the north facing ground, but I didn’t know how much or the depth of it. As soon as the moon came up, I started to shoot and this was the first image I got.

This mesa at the northern part of Rt 163 didn’t disappoint. The clouds were just coming and giving the stars a little bit of a glow to them. The moon light up the snow and the east facing part of the mesa giving a great texture and contrast to the landscape.

This print will be on aluminum at a 5 feet wide by 19 inches high.