Milkin ‘Em – Milky Way Grand Tetons

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After an ambitious day hike through Cascade Canyon to Schoolroom Glacier and Hurricane Pass, I was knocked out tired when night fell on the campground. Getting ready to jump out of the car and go to sleep in my tent, I looked up and saw the Milky Way in clear skies – which wasn’t the case till later in the day. The next thing I noticed was the Milky Way position. Without having gotten to see

the night sky, I didn’t have any visible way to see the association of the heavenly body and the mountains. I realized at that moment, if I don’t get my ass moving, I was not going to get the shot that I wanted. Everything was already loaded and in the truck as I usually keep my gear, so I headed out to some previous spots that I scouted the prior day during a down pour. At the second spot – smack dab in the middle of all the grizzly bear momma and cub crossing points – I found a great shot, framed and a reflection that I really couldn’t have asked for any better of a spot for. I knew I was in a spot where, if I got between a bear and a cub, I could be toast. So I set everything up near the truck, where I could put the window down and lean out to fidgit with the camera and get everything dialed in. I had already had some solo run ins that day and the prior day with black bears, so I didn’t want to test my luck – or stupidity – with pissing one off or looking like a meal, so I stayed in the truck and got this amazing shot off.

This is printed on Aluminum 16″w X 24″h.

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